‘Appy Inspiration

I have been gallivanting around Iceland for the past week or so and being surrounded by reminders of elves, known locally as the hidden people, trolls and giants is quite good for gaming inspiration.

Ironically possibly the best bit of inspiration that came to me was nothing to do with the fantasy rich local culture but from my mobile phone.

We all recognise that magic items are not just about +15 weapons, daily spell items and multipliers. It is the more colourful items that can give a campaign its flavour.

Retrospective: the genesis of the Rolemasterblog.com.

So, this is my 3rd blog of the day! Since I have some renovations this weekend and I’m feeling like writing, I thought I would post up a few posts now and not worry if I can’t post this weekend!

This one is short, but worth the review. A few years ago, a discussion was stared on the RM Forums¬†about blogging–specifically about Rolemaster. I happened to read it again and found it interesting to see Peter’s first thoughts and ideas, and now, a few years later how the actual RM Blog has developed in terms of those early thoughts and actual performance.