Shadow World: Gods, Religions and Spells

Over on the Shadow World thread at FM Forums I posted up dozens of files on Diety specific spell lists and new SW religions plus an “Invocation” chart for any player that wants to call to their God for help. I’ve bundled all of that into 2 files below and you can read my blog on SW Religions HERE.

SW Religion pt 1

SW Religion pt2

Project BASiL: Channeling & Essence

I’m starting the process of consolidating all of my uploaded files on the RM Forums over here to the I’ve uploaded over 200 docs scattered throughout the Rolemaster and Shadow World threads, but to see them or download them requires a user account.

These are just the lists and not the associated notes that accompany each. For info on our Channeling mechanics, I blogged about it HERE and for Essence mechanics HERE.

Channeling pt 1

Channeling pt 2

and an extra Channeling List “Channeling”


Essence pt1

Essence pt2

Essence pt3