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6 thoughts on “BASiL Deep Dive: Automaton Spell List”

  1. Firstly, I have emailed you a set of instructions (with pictures) for setting up the downloads.

    Your Project BASiL does not have the Spell Enhancement list which is a personal favourite of mine. One of the spells on that list was Extension II, III, IV, Greater Extension, Extension True and finally Permanent. Those spells and the Animate spell would indeed make viable engines for Skyships.

    1. I never liked the mechanics of Spell Enhancement and most of the spells were easy to build into scalability rather than have the spell list. So I do allow for increase in duration, range and area using PP expenditure. I think permanent is tricky.

    1. Yes, I haven’t heard many people talking about 50th lvl adventuring…so it is a bit abstract…but it should fit the normal power progression. yes?

      how about after 50in50 we do a high level 50th lvl adventure series? I have a few ideas.

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