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7 thoughts on “I.C.E. Deep Dive. Loremaster Series Review pt.2: The World of Vog Mur.

  1. Yes, the Sea Krals were in Quellbourne too. They always reminded me of D&D’s habit of introducing brand new monsters that didn’t have enough of a population to survive and were never seen other than in one area. The sort of creature that made sense, to a degree, in a megadungeon with an insane but powerful mage running it who would drag in creatures from elsewhere, but less so anywhere else.

  2. Ha! I have fond memories of Vog Mur, but I do remember it being a bit of a pain to DM due to some of the design and layout choices Brian mentions. I remember Encla Turic, an epic battle with Sea Kraals, and the fact that one of my players played a short-lived Halfling Warrior Monk named Dog.

    Good times.

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