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I’ve never really warmed to Rolemaster’s archetypal blaster, the Magician. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should add that I’ve never liked any character that concentrates primarily on ‘blasting’, in any system, unless the blasting is interesting, like firing a swarm of wasps or an ethereal bolt that causes the target to blink in and out of their current dimension.  My problem with the Magician, however, is more specific: at the risk of sounding pompous, I feel that the Magician does violence to the richness and potential of the elements. One of the things I really liked about the Elemental Companion was the wide and fascinating range of elemental effects available to players (although the generic nature of the lists represented, I felt, an opportunity lost).

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One of the bedrocks of the Shadow World setting are the detailed organizations that Terry has created: Loremasters, Navigators, the 8 Emerian Orders,  and the Dragonlords, just to name a few. These groups drive the plot and can be aids or foils for the players and be used throughout a lengthy Shadow World campaign.

One of the very first of these groups is buy adipex 50 mg detailed in I.C.E.’s first publication. An order of Dark Priests (of High Imla Arna – “The Evil High Priests”), they were the secret tentacles of the Unlife that insinuated themselves into local cultures.  There were Six Orders described in the Iron Wind, along with a order of assassins known as Messengers of Syrkakang. This became the kernel that Terry expanded upon in subsequent books.

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We’ve discussed the difficulty in finding good artwork or artists for our projects. In that vein, if there are any artists, mappers or layout professionals that read this, I have work for you. Among the various projects:

1. A banner graphic for

2.  Finalized art, layouts and maps for Priest-king of Shade.

3. City map for Non-ta-taku.

4. Layout and item graphics for BASiL.

5. Layouts for Legends of Shadow World.

6.  Layout for Book of Pales.

7.  Art, layouts and maps for Empire of the Black Dragon.

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Back from vacation and thought I would dip my toe back into blogging with a short deconstruction article! Today I wanted to address “Daily X” items and the mechanics around it.

When I first started with RM, the Daily X magic items were great: they softened the power of traditional permanent items found in D&D and they worked well with the Imbedding spell lists. These items were also a great way to augment player shortcomings or add spell capability to non-magic users.

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In this week’s round up of new publications we have two new releases.

buy real phentermineFirst up is our 50 in 50 adventure Star Mangled Manor written by me, and damn fine it is too! To quote the blurb “Star Mangled Manor is a short, dangerous encounter for high level characters with a powerful demon. After an attempt at demon summoning goes disastrously wrong, the characters are the only survivors in the vicinity, apart from the demon. Leaving them as the first creatures it sees.” I think you can probably guess how that is going to go down.

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I continued to be a big fan of RM/SM until 1989. I could see ways to do just about every gaming setting, and several non-gaming settings (Aliens, Dune, etc.) using those rules. But, something happened over the summer of 1989. I was at DragonCon, and a naval war gamer challenged me that if I need more than 1 sheet of paper (4 pages) for rules, for a war game, then that was too many. The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t get away from the idea of minimalism.

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I have Google Analytics installed on the blog so I can see how many visitors we get, roughly where you are coming from, what pages you visit most often and that sort of thing.

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Looking back over the past year a few posts in particular stand out.

These are our most commented on posts:

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I am really excited about 2018. We have a new ‘thing’ to look forward to and that is Nicholas’s Singularity. You should read the buy phentermine and topamax for more.

Since November 2014 I have tried to post every Monday and Friday, sometimes I have missed a day but more frequently we and I have posted much more often. For 2018 I am moving my Friday post to Saturdays. The focus of this Saturday post will be publications. We have the 50 in 50 adventures in conjunction with buy phentermine australia. These tend to be released on a Saturday. In addition there is the Monthly fanzine which from this month’s issue will have a regular Shadow World section. To start with it will mostly involved serialising Brian’s downloads. I am 99.99% certain that I can twist Brian’s arm to write some new and unique Shadow World content going forward.

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Happy New Years to Peter and the other contributors, posters and commentators to the Rolemasterblog. I think A LOT occurred over the last year–tons of posts, new material, downloadable files and new bloggers, to name a few.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, buy phentermine d online out of the top 100 RPG blogs. That’s not bad, right? Peter, you can get a badge to add to the site, lets do that!