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11 thoughts on “d20 SRD Monsters in RMU”

  1. Peter:

    I’m assuming this would be for d100 format? Why don’t we do 50 monsters/creatures in 50 day challenge to quickly create content?
    Are you thinking of adopting RM stat blocks? It could be simplified a bit as has been discussed in the forms–especially the cryptic codes.

    1. I am thinking to dual statting all the monsters in the available DnD open license books for both RM2 and RMU.

      This would completely sidestep the ICE IP, even if those creatures already exist in C&T or Creature law. ICE does not own the rights on orc or hill giant.

    1. Yes, to put something directly inside someone else’s creation that is pure intellectual property cannot be easily side stepped.

      I would talk directly to Terry and try and reach an accommodation. I know he has read some of your shadow world articles on here as I have given them to him to read and he knows they are being sold commercially. We have pierced that veil so to speak. Terry is also a fan of fanzines producing and publishing their own content. He used to write for fanzines himself.

      Purely hypothetically if I was to write something for shadow world. I would set it inside buildings. There are hundreds of inns, taverns, boarding houses and brothels in even the most detailed of Terry’s cities just as there are countless warehouses and ships in the harbours. The streets are Terry, the specific locations are all yours. This does not break cannon, does not describe areas untouched by the published books but could be overwritten by a future publication.

      I guess I am talking about shadow world urban adventures.

      If you created one for the fanzine we can run it past Terry. If he approves then you have a precident of selling shadow world content.

      The other alternative is to take on the grand campaign and finish it. Then join with Edgltd and drive the adventure path project forward. Both of those are approved and sanctioned by Nicholas.

      1. Talking about Adventure Paths, there are a number of publishers – Legendary Games (buy adipex brand online) bu there are others – who publish additional content for Paizo’s Adventure Paths.

        Admittedly they have the OGL to make life easier but they are able to supplement Paizo’s IP work by never directly referring to it. “Mummy’s Mask” is called the “Egyptian Adventure Path” and other terms such as “Tomb City” are used to refer to setting locations and places. Given that many of the people who write these also write the Adventure Paths for Paizo, Paizo don’t have a problem with it.

        The problem with RM is it’s all IP. Although it can be gotten around, especially with game mechanics.

        Developing stuff in buildings for SW is something I have thought of. Nicholas has said he would be willing to do a regular supplement of approved material (perhaps he would be willing to outsource it?) and creating locations for such as Sel-kai is an option I have thought of. Perhaps create a business and set it in “The Flying City.”

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