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7 thoughts on “Encumbrance”

  1. I had been thinking about encumbrance rules recently as well. There was an old cartoon in Dragon similar to that image – said character in that image actually resembling the class images from the Pathfinder books. I’ve been pondering a more visual method that is in many ways easier to use, and started writing about it. I really should finish that article.

  2. We never used to play with encumbrance rules as the bookkeeping was too much. But since they were intended to have some role with regards to balance, and with the RMU rules being revised, we’re using them now. I’ve added a section to my character sheet that keeps track of it relatively easy: players just list the item and its weight, and the sheet autocalculates that as a percentage of body weight. Nobody wants to go over body weight, so it serves as a pretty hard cap.

    The party also has a party mule or two that carry all the party treasure, so we don’t have to worry about that.

    1. We use paper character sheets so they do not auto calculate. I am not a massive fan of technology at the table. I do have the rules in PDF on a tablet but as I have said before the pertinent rules I insert into the adventure notes and I just use a subset of attack tables in a mini arms law. Each player has their spell lists as part of their character sheet. Basically I go to every effort to remove the rulebooks from the gaming table and just have the NPCs and Adventure notes.

        1. Overall, I think they are an improvement. Rather than treating armor and equipment separately (e.g. a separate system of penalties with different rules), the system now treats them all together. The spell penalties for wearing armor and equipment have been greatly simplified (in a recent change rather than in the Rules As Written in beta2). Now, instead of every little bit of equipment potentially imposing spellcasting penalties, only armor does, and it does so much more simply: to figure out the armor penalty for casting, you just multiply the armor’s Encumbrance % (listed on the armor table) x3 for Channeling casters and x4 for Essence casters. That’s a whole lot easier than adding up a lot of fiddly numbers. And a few of the logical problems that used to plague encumbrance have been solved. For example, a strong character used to be able to sprint just as fast while wearing 50 lbs of gear as when not wearing any gear at all. Now, the amount of gear you have just limits your max pace, which means Usain Bolt would not be able to break the world record if you loaded 50 lbs of gear onto his back.

          So overall, I would say the encumbrance rules are much better: simpler and easier to use, with little to no loss of function.

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