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8 thoughts on “From Little Acorns”

    1. The April magazine is 36 pages. May’s is 40 pages. *IF* they become typical then we are looking at about 100+ pages each quarter.

      I think the fanzine would be a better place for publishing adventures than the blog. The blog is too open. If we published an adventure with a real twist there is always the danger that if a GM uses it that his players will also have read it and the ending get spoiled.

      A printed magazine will probably never have the reach of the blog but with adventures that is a good thing.

      This is leading me down the “unique content for print only route”. It adds value to the printed book and makes it compliment the blog. It also ties into something you said about outside looking in. The blog is great for proposing alternative rules and such but the monthly could be a great place for publishing playable material such as NPCs, adventures or magic items.

      1. Well lets use the fanzine/print/pdf channel for the 50in50 and we can just comment on the adventure of the day on the blog itself.

        And then we’ll do “5 For 50”: 5 adventures for 50th lvl characters. I already have 3 outlined.

        1. I would rather not muck about with the 50 in 50 project right now. As far as I am concerned that is going alone quite nicely. You have many already written up, I am trying to catch up with mine. Edgcltd is going to do the page layout and we are using his resources to produce professional quality products and his customer base to get the maximum reach.

          The fanzine is still an acorn and we don’t know what sort of tree it is going to be. Since posting my comment above it occured to me that in the future it would be a great place to publish unofficial RMU professions especially with Hurin’s individual skill costs. GMs are more likelyto keep a book in their game notes than a print out from the blog. For something like a profession that people will need to refer to every time they level up or may consider when creating characters then the more tangible book works well.

          Right now I haven’t really settled on what it is best for.

          Regarding the 50 in 50 I would say that yes we publish via Azukail Games and then post a really detailed ‘book review’ on the post each day so people know what they would be getting in to. We can then link directly to the product page.

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