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9 thoughts on “How many Spells is enough?”

  1. My general tendency is to say that you can never have too many spells, but my strongest influence is D&D (and I always liked having new spells and magic items in modules). In that system, and those derived from it, it doesn’t really matter how many spells you have in your spellbook, there’s a limit to how many you can learn per day. So you might have, in extreme cases, several hundred spells to choose from, but you’d have to pick, at most, a few dozen of those to actually use. I think there are also less cases of spells stacking with each other too.

  2. What are you competing at? Good luck whatever it is.

    Our campaigns rarely go beyond level 10, so the number of spells isn’t as much of a problem for us, but I agree there sure are a lot of them. One of the differences between RMU and RM2 is that RMU allows you to buy spells individually (though perhaps RMSS was more like RMU in this respect? not sure). I actually prefer this method, because the randomness of RM2 spell list acquisition always seemed a bit unfair to me, and you also ended up buying a lot of spells you wouldn’t use — at least not for many more levels. A level 1 Magician isn’t going to be casting level 10 spells anytime soon.

    One affect of the change though is that you can now buy spells horizontally rather than vertically: a level 1 caster won’t have a single list with spells from 1 to 10; she will have maybe the first and second level spells from one list, the first and second level spells from another, and maybe the first level spells from four more lists. That makes for a much larger number of castable spells at level 1. So the RMU system greatly increases the flexibility and practicality of the spells casters get. Overall, I like that, because low level casters needed a boost.

  3. I am at a mounted archery competition. Korean style today. Tomorrow is Hungarian and Turkish style events.

    Hurin, my RMU playtest has had very little PC magic. Have you found casters using the rmu learning process leads to characters cherry picking spells, just learning enough of invisible ways to get invisibility, just enough lofty bridge to get fly and so on?

    1. Yes, though I don’t see that as an exploit; you can’t skip any levels of the spells so you have to buy them in sequence. When I level up my RMU Paladin, I take the best possible spells from whatever list I can. I currently have: Cursebreaking to level 2, Holy Arms to 4, Holy Healing to 6, Holy Shields to 3, Holy War to 3, Inspiring Ways to 4, Open: Sounds Way to 1 and Closed: Symbolic Ways to 2.

      An off topic question, now that I know you are an archer: if you had your choice and were shooting arrows on foot, which would you say had more range and penetrating power: an English Longbow or a Turkish/Mongol Composite Bow? I’ve heard people argue about which would shoot further and which would penetrate better. I’ve always wondered.

      RMU has eliminated the Composite Bow table, and just made the Composite Bow a Shortbow with better range. I think that does disservice to the composite bow — especially a Turkish or Mongol Composite bow — but I am no expert in that and would love to hear what someone who uses these weapons regularly would say.

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