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7 thoughts on “There are no stupid questions!”

  1. How about polling on RMBlog content based on past posting.

    Something like this:

    1. General RPG theory and game design.
    2. Shadow World
    3. SW Adventure Hooks
    4. Using RM with FR or other settings.
    5. Alternate Rules
    6. Short Adventures
    7. BASiL
    8. RMU discussion

  2. Sometimes I have resorted to polls when I think there is a disconnect between what developers think their players want and what they actually want. This was the case I think in regards to specialized professions (where it seemed to me a significant proportion of players really liked the old RM2 specialized professions rather than the more generic ones in RMU– or at least the players seemed to like those old professions a lot more than the developers did), and to individual weapon charts (where a good number of players really liked individual weapon charts rather than the generic, HARP-style ones RMU has presently). The numbers involved in the poll are of course too small to be scientific, but they can at least show the sentiments of the people who frequent the forums, and provide some useful feedback.

    For the present purposes, you might want to gauge what your potential customers want most in your short adventures. Perhaps something like:

    What are you most interested in seeing in the 50 RM adventures:

    1. A fun adventure hook
    2. A basic plan for an encounter
    3. An interesting tactical challenge
    4. A problem for my party to solve
    5. A quick idea that I can tailor to my playstyle
    6. An opportunity for roleplaying

  3. I’d be interested in knowing how many people would be interested in or do use RM rules for things other than fantasy and what their favorite genres/categories are (SciFi, Modern, Historical, and so on). This ties back to the old genre books, too.

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