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3 thoughts on “Play Test Session #2

  1. We’re doing out campaign without cinematic healing, and it is a bit of a drag. One player was out 20 days. I’m not sure if healing was worse in RM2, but it seems like it. The worst part I think is that the ‘healing relief’ spells don’t really seem to do that much. So cinematic healing is probably the way to go.

    JDale did note that he though the hit point damage weapons do might need to be adjusted up. I definitely think it needs to return to RM2 levels. Our last session, we simply doubled the hits that weapons do, and it made combat much faster.

    1. There is just no way the RAW healing would work in this scenario. Like you say, Relief spells are a bit crappy and the real healing is so high level that they wouldn’t need to PC at all to solve the plot.

      In the coming session I will be doubling the damage dealt.

      1. If you look at the maximum hit points weapons do in RMU, you’ll see that their values are lower than in RM2. A Broadsword used to do maximum 30 hits against AT 1, now it only does 23. So some of the values have been lowered. I wonder if this is because the new size rules now mean that a Two-handed sword does literally double what a broadsword does, so if the old RM2 values were used, then a 2h Sword would be doing 60, which might have been deemed too much, since it used to do only 48.

        Armor is also now more protective in that the critical thresholds have been raised, such that a two-handed sword doesn’t start getting criticals until much later in the chart than it used to. This makes it harder to get criticals on more heavily armored opponents with two-handed weapons than it used to be.

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