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12 thoughts on “RMU and Kickstarter”

    1. True, and I think Rolemaster could do with a higher profile than it currently has. I doubt that an initial Kickstarter would really interest many other than those who are still fans, but it might perk interest again in the system from those who knew it in the past, and it could garner attention from younger players as well.

  1. Given your experience it might be great for you to blog about your own publishing:

    1. Thoughts on art/layout
    2. Quality and pricing
    3. What sells
    4. Impact of reviews on sales
    5. How to get your products found when there is so much out there.

      1. I teach a workshop called “Starting your own business” which is a basic tutorial for budding entrepreneurs. I was envisioning the same thing. There are lots of “how to’s” online, but you have practical experience so you might have some nuggets of wisdom that might help other writers take the next step. I’ve been surprised we’ve seen less uploads on RMForums and even here on the blog; I’ve encouraged people to post up SW material on the Misc SW thread and only one person has done so. I wonder if people are worried about posting something up that’s not quite polished, edited and finished. If that’s the case, they’ll be hesitant to do the same on RPGNow?

        1. The first time I did it (publishing on RPGnow) I basically had a mentor, Kwickham on the RMForums, who just guided me through it. Once I had published one thing it was like opening the floodgates.

          The absolute key ingredient is finishing projects. As GMs we do not have to produce print ready documents. House rules just need the basic workable rules but not fully worked examples. Adventures we create are for our own worlds or versions of bought settings so we do not weave that into the adventures we write, published adventures need that bit of setting the scene. Our adventures are often off shoots or inspired by existing loose threads in our campaigns we do not need to create the adventure hooks to launch an adventure but a stand alone adventure does need these.

          It is a lot of these little things that add to the burden for a budding indy publisher.

          If you publish to the RMForum vault then your work is out in the public domain and there is not much else you can do with it. If you want to publish elsewhere then you hit the ICE IP wall.

          I would also add that it is really difficult to make a living out of RPG games, supplements and adventures. It is easy to make a few hundred dollars in added income but making a living seems to be just the top 1%, if that.

          1. I think it would be possible to make a living – with caveats. Firstly, it helps if you don’t have expensive needs to start. Secondly, if you don’t need the income immediately it can be reinvested in everything from stock art to freelancers. Thirdly, some of that income can be reinvested outside the industry. The sort of money that others spend on Kickstarter I actually tend to make microinvestments with on CrowdCube. Fourthly, diversify within the industry as well. Fiction, comic books – even apps.

        2. I think people often think that their own work isn’t good enough. I basically started when I looked at some supplements published on RPGNow and thought “I could do that. Actually, I think I could do that better.” And it kind of snowballed from there. At least a few publishers started with less than professional items (one, with nearly 2,000, still published them on occasion. Fortunately they’ve now hired an editor for at least some lines). I haven’t quite approached it in a completely business-like manner, as I enjoy doing it.

          1. 1. I’m not concerned about making money, sales are just a way to measure the appeal of your work.
            2. Im surprised how hard it is to get collaborators: art, layouts etc given how many people put thir stuff out there for free. Its almost like the mind set is either free or too expensive.
            3. Im the example of 80-90% completion, but Ill put it out there anyway.
            4. There has been comments that once I post something on the forums it cancels its value as a commercial product. I say hogwash! Most of my uploads are early versions that I leave out a bunch of material.
            5. If ICE ever opened up IP, I have a group that would throw a bit of money to start up a publishing co. Just to get decades of work in published form. We could ramp up quickly.

            1. I agree that publishing on the forums,
              or anywhere for free does not really cancel the commercial value. It can reduce it if yhe same thing is available in two places one for a price and one for free.

              My first publication was a repurposed set of blog posts and the first few issues of the fanzine were ‘best of’ reprints of blog posts.

              They both sold on RPGnow, despite being available for free on the blog.

            2. Artwork is often the biggest problem. The industry doesn’t have the biggest margins, so people who can get paid, want to get paid, rather than do stuff for free. If they do anything collaborative, it looks to be off their own back (for example, Jacob E. Blackmon’s ICONS/M&M3 supplements).

              Regarding free stuff cancelling the value of a commercial product, I can provide several examples off the top of my head where this isn’t true. Stars Without Number, Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord are all available in free, no-artwork PDF versions, as well as paid-for art PDFs and printed books. The latter still sell.

              Truthfully, it doesn’t require much money to set up. Some things I recall reading suggested that too much money can actually be a problem. Once again, it’s the art and cartography that can be a problem. Over the past few years I’ve published over 400,000 words of material, and that’s all from scratch. With the amount of material you have, you could easily crush ICE in terms of product production.

              I am writing that article you suggested as well on self publishing. I think it will be ready next week. It’s turning out longer than I expected.

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