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7 thoughts on “Is RMU missing an opportunity to fix the rules system?”

  1. I’m with you. I’ve been tweaking, deconstructing and minimizing my ruleset for several years. It’s a slow process with only 1 group–there is not enough thru-put to accurately test everything but I worry less about “balance” which I’ve always felt is a red herring in developing content.

    Even RM2 had carve out rules: maneuvering in armor didn’t follow skill bonus progressions, ambush worked completely different and languages were a mess.

    Now RMU has “contra skills” that offset penalties (combat expertises) plus one-off rules for a variety of MM: dodge, disarm, ambush. At first I didn’t like the contra skills, then I got sold on them and now I’m back to discarding them. It takes relatively few ranks to off-set most penalties (reverse strike, disarm etc) so by 5-8th lvl you’ve negated the bulk of the modifier. By 10th lvl it’s moot–just a few levels of skill rank development and the penalty is gone. Plus I don’t believe that “Disarm” should be a standalone skill. If a warrior has 20 ranks in a longsword you would assume that he learned disarm techniques as part of that extensive training.

    I’m almost at a point where all skills work the same but there are two meaningful components to a skill: it’s total bonus and the # of ranks. Each is used in various circumstances. and I’m still playing around with it a bit to get it right.

    So the warrior with 20 ranks in longsword has a 130ob. The ob bonus is used in attacks and the # of ranks (20) is used to offset modifiers like reverse strike, disarm etc rather than having separate niche combat expertise skills to offset the penalty. I like the fact that # of ranks is more reflective of mastery/knowledge/technique of a skill since it’s not skewed by stat bonuses and profession bonuses.

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