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3 thoughts on “Rolemaster Rule Hack: Inherent stat abilities.”

  1. With my group, we do exactly as you are proposing, with a twist.
    Since I want to consider the character racial bonus in the mix, I have them roll a D20, and add the Stat Bonus.
    I tend to use 20 as a target number for a challenging task, 30 for really difficult assignments.
    We use:
    – ST to break/lift things
    – AG to catch stuff mid-air and other hand/eye coordination
    – QU to “think fast” and move out of the way of incoming things
    – SD to fight off sleep during guard duty and also to wake up when a character shakes you (this is easier, but for elves it’s really a challenge)
    – ME to remember facts (I use this to remember stuff to the players when I believe it matters and they are forgetting)
    – RE to correlate facts (when I believe a smart character would realize something the players are not)
    – PR to leave a good impression on an NPC
    – IN to make a lucky choice (mostly only for Channeling users)

    As you can see, most of these also replace some skill mechanics. We use the stats when the character has not trained any skill that could help in the situation, and I determine that despite that they should have a good chance of success.

    We also use the Innate Stat Abilities from RMCIII, so players are encouraged to shine in one or two stats.

  2. I’ve been using stat bonuses for ages to make rolls like Voriig mentioned, but we go for a simple “add your stat bonus (including all racial modifiers) to a d100 roll and go from there” model. I dislike adding more rules and things like feats and talents when there’s a very simple role mechanic that can already be used.

    We also used the d20 bonus for some stats in specific situations. For example, the Str bonus on d20 was always added to Melee concussion damage.

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