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2 thoughts on “Setting or Unsettling?”

  1. I have been saying for some time that RMU needs a setting to both ground it and to give newcomers a starting point. I remain unconvinced that SW should be that setting for a number of reasons. It’s never been a very accessible setting, and its blend of fantasy and SF will be off-putting for many gamers. The fact that it never managed to really sway the MERP people and those who converted Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk. and other settings to RM is evidence enough of that. That doesn’t make it a bad setting, but I do think it would need some changes if it’s going to be the default setting. Solid setting with accessible versions of standard fantasy tropes is critical when you’re dealing with new gamers, and if the point of RMU is to appeal to those gamers as well as veterans you need to take that into account.

    And of course you can’t divorce setting from rules. Anyone who’s ever done solid world creation knows that. I framed the deity structure of my world to account for the three realms of magic, and redid cleric spells and the whole class concept to show how deities directly control access to spells. Same for the paladin.

    1. The issue is for ICE the production time to create a setting and get it written and published. Their only other offering is Cyradon.

      I personally would create the setting first and then the rules needed to model it.

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