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8 thoughts on “Short takes: Imbedding Magic in Rolemaster & Shadow World”

  1. I am all in favour democratizing item creation. I am still battling with what I really want my spell law to look like.

    Right now I have two magical mechanisms, that essentially means essence and mentalism or using one’s own essence or that of the world around you.

    The existing alchemists base lists can be taken as base lists by any spell user.

    The idea I have bubbling under the surface is something along the idea that characters don’t learn lists, they build lists or walk paths. In practice the player has a concept for their character and they then they create a named spell list of their own and populate it with spells. Each slot can contain a spell of that level or lower from any list as long as the list remain coherent to the original theme. The player does not need to define all 50 spells before play starts just the first few. They can then continue to develop their list as time goes on. So if you wanted to have a mage with a passion for light then rather than taking light law the could have bits of light law, bits of brilliance and bits of the light illusions lists. Another character could have a mix of weather controlling spells and have lightning bolt in there as well.

    Shifting a lot of the alchemists spells into crafts works for me and merging the embedding lists into one also fits.

    I think I can much of this.

        1. I wonder if I’m actually think of the Elder Scrolls games? Where I have what started off as a blademage but actually ended up as a conjuring backstabbing sniper.

          I do think spells benefit from different effects, and that’s something that any spelluser is highly likely to do or learn, should it be from a school.

            1. I’m not sure. I have read so many different systems, that it is sometimes hard to remember where I came across things. Thinking about it, Elder Scrolls characters are pretty much “no profession” in nature – it all depends on what skills you improve, especially in Skyrim.

              1. That is true, your starting profession pretty much only sets your starting skills.

                My level-less system is very similar in that it is the skills and stats you are actually using or get training in that improve.

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