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2 thoughts on “Five Days until next Game Session plus traps and puzzles”

  1. Much more intolerant! No, really I think that as original players have gotten older, so too, their requirement for “realism” or at the least, logical consistency. Those old dungeon crawls with arbitrary traps, different monsters locked in each room were gaming great memories, but it would be hard now to be entertained by it. I do think you could take 10-12 yo’s and run them through a dungeon crawl and they would be just as captivated now as we were then as new players.

    As a fan of subverting tropes, I like the concept of lulling players into a assumed formula and then up-ending it all to keep them on their toes. RPG version of “Cabin in the Woods”.

    1. I have to walk a line with my players as we only get to play two or three times a year. Anything too complicated and they do not retain the clues or cannot connect the dots between what different NPCs told them from one session to the next. Too simple a game and it is not massively engaging.

      When I was a player I used to keep a journal from the point of view of my character(s)* that I shared with the GM and players in the week before the game session. This served as a refresher for both the GM and all of us as to what we beleived was going on. No player has offered to take on that duty in my game or any alternative. It is not a massive issue as my game is very much low adventure as the previous game was an epic/save the world game and I wanted to offer something different this time.

      The background to the game is that the town the players are in is occupied territory by a Nazi-esque force, they are being used by the garrison commander to complete a task (involving a mysterious disease and the burned ruins of a desecrated temple) so appear to be working with the bad guys but the characters are aware that there is a resistance and have had a couple of encounters with them. It isn’t too subtle and it is largely obvious who the good guys and who the bad guys are. There is a lot of scope for twists with collaborators and spies/spying between the opposing forces.

      All of that fits in a grittier reality rather than strange magical puzzles and gelatinous cubes!

      *One character died so I continued from the point of view of the second character.

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