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The problem I have is this. I want to write about Rolemaster in general, the games I am running (Rolemaster Classic), the new Rolemaster (Rolemaster Unified), the Forgotten Realms, the new world of Aioskoru and I want to produce more actually playable adventures. I try and publish two posts a week and right now I am even failing to write that much. There is such a thing as being stead too thin and that is me right now.

I have recently bought both HARP Fantasy and HARP SF and I would like to get into those as well. I also have a face to face game weekend come up.

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I wanted to raise a bit of awareness of buy phentermine online uk. This is an buy phentermine online overnight shipping project currently being developed on the ICE Forums. As you may or may not know RMU is a worldless system that you can adapt to fit most game worlds. What you get is a highly flexible system of races, character creation, creatures & monsters, treasure, combat and magic but all of it adaptable to any setting. What you don’t get is a default setting. That is where Aioskoru comes in.