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2 thoughts on “Unified Rolemaster Arms Law revisited.”

  1. Welllllll, technically there are still 20 armour types. There are 10 types with 2 categories; partial/full. That’s still 20 AT.

    I do like the piecemeal system. Players in RM2 would sometimes find really nice bits of armour, but it didn’t match the existing AT they had and we ran into all sorts of questions. Does the total armour now protect as much as it’s weakest link? Does the overall armour lose DB because it is no longer being used completely as it was designed to? Does the wearer only get the magical bonus of the items? Is he encumbered more if he wears it OVER his existing armour? Do the magical fields cancel out if he is also wearing magical armour?

    It was something the GM was left to decide on a per-circumstance basis. The RMU system looks very well thought out.

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