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6 thoughts on “Which Witch?

    1. There are four Witch base lists in RoCoII (page 53) which could be easily rolled into the Sorcerer profession if you wanted to avoid the profession bloat that RM2 is often accused of. I like them with familiars, candle magic and potions. They are excellent for witch flavour.

  1. I think that the “Witch”, “Shaman” and “Hedge Wizard” are a big omission in the original RM and now RMU. All three are naturalist spell-casters tied to rural or tribal societies and should be seen as mainstream professions. Especially in a fantasy society.
    I use all three quite a lot, but the spell lists are really driven by the social setting. A witch from a woodland society might have {healing, divination, plant mastery, potion} while another in a reaver society may have {curses, potion, demon, charm}. This is my whole issue with the set profession/base list paradigm.
    I never liked the spirit/totem spells in the Companion (II?)–it needed to be supported by the setting meta-physics.

    1. True. I am trying to ease up on the No Profession drum. Witches are a Channeling + Essence hybrid. Sorcerers are a Channeling + Essence hybrid. Sorcerers are core rules, witches are RoCo material. Adding the Witch lists to the Sorcerer profession gives Sorcerer players greater variety of base lists and the same profession now fulfils more magical niches without having to be two or more professions with mutually exclusive spell lists.

  2. That’s a great point that the Sorcerer looks a lot like a Witch. I also agree with Brian that the Witch/Shaman should be a stock class– very common in a medieval setting.

    No one ever played the Shaman class in our RM2 games because the rules for spirits seemed a little complicated.

    I’d also like to see a redone Warlock class for RM2, possibly a little more along the lines of the DnD Warlock. The DnD In DnD, the Warlock was a bit tougher, mid-range combat specialist than a Magician: he could use a bit heavier armor (leather) and wield an enchanted weapon (hexblade I believe), as well as blasting Nether bolts. The RM2 Warlock has some good hexes, but lacks a bit of the blasty-blasty ability of the DnD Warlock; I’d like to see him get at least some sort of elemental/magical bolt.

    1. The warlock and necromancer are all hybrids with Channeling + Essence. One could roll all these into the Sorcerer. In all you would have 16 closely related base lists from which to build this highly versatile spell caster.

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