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2 thoughts on “Who Am I? I’m 24601!”

  1. You brought back some fond memories of playing H.O.L in college. You rolled up YOURSELF. You played as yourself in that game. It was RM2 PC sheet, but you went through and created yourself and it was interesting to see how you envisioned yourself and how others envisioned you.

    The house rule was that you could not have more than two skill ranks in any skill unless you could provide justifiable reason and others in the group agreed to it.

    My family owned a restaurant and I grew up in the kitchen there from Day 1. so I had 4 ranks in cooking. I had been doing Martial Arts for 10 years at least by that point so I was able to get 2 skill ranks in Rank 4 Martial Art Striking, but I had only 2 ranks in in Rank 1 Sweeps and Throws since I had never really trained extensively in the throwing styles but had trained in them.

    We were Level 1 PCs and choosing/agreeing on starting stats was where it became interesting. This is where you saw how you saw yourself vs. how your friends saw you.

    When it comes to making NPCs in the game world, I have three stages of depth. Lowest stage is the barmaid, shop keep, porter, etc who isn’t going to do much more in the game other than bring a drink, take your coin, and give you a horse.

    The 2nd stage NPC I’ll give some generic stats and some specifics if I know there will be more interactions, like the shopkeeper, healer, alchemist. I’ll give an NPC level, some stats values, and the minimalist Skills I think they’ll need. First Aid +87, Second Aid +54, Surgery +49, Herb Lore +52. Whatever I think may be used for an interaction with the player group.

    The 3rd stage will be the NPCs that will have a deeper impact on the group, or whom I think the group may want to attack, or whom will have lots of ongoing interaction. For these NPCs I’ll give level, HP, AT, DB/OB, weapons, Stunned Maneuver, Duping, Perception skills, etc., even including +5 Mace, +10 Dagger of bleeding, +5 non-magical AT 11… ALMOST, but not quite, to the level of an actual player in the game. Sort of a “dumbed down” version of a PC. I’ll give a little back story to them and add some motives as well.

    It always helps to have Heroes & Rogues Companion by my side too.

    I don’t really put much into assigning a level to the 2nd stage NPCs though. As odd as that sounds, the NPC does “this” job, and he’s “this good” at it. Period. The only time I really need that is if the players kill him and I have to assign XP value to the kill. “These are his stats and skill ranks and this is what I add to the roll” are all I’m really concerned with.

    For 3rd stage NPC however, I’ll assign level and try to make a character that has at least this many ranks in a skill, but couldn’t have more than this many ranks because 8 level can’t have more than 16 ranks, so on, Level 5 can only have 10 ranks, but he had a background option (because as GM, I decided he did) so he has +5 bonus to the skill anyway.

    I do have one GM who has the stats, names, backgrounds of every single NPC in the city, including where they live and what contents are in their house. It’s a level of detail that makes him really happy and certainly adds a great amount of depth to the world, but wholly unnecessary.

    1. I have the same basic three levels. The NPCs central to the story I do actually develop to the level of a PC (character). I keep them all on my PC (computer) in dropbox so should the PCs suddenly decide to go off at a tangent I can pull them out at the drop of a hat. If you just order a drink in a tavern then who cares what level the bar keeper is or the serving wenches or the cook out back. It is when things go off the deep end that having a ball park figure for the levels of the people around you becomes important. Sleep V will not work on a lot of old people in my game because they tend to achieved enough levels during their life. They may fall asleep anyway or forget what they came into town for in the first place but they may also jab their unbrella at the mage and scold the ‘Young man’ for not respecting their elders.

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