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Small humanoid (goblinoid)

Level 3

Armor Type 6/20 3/10 (+10/+30 with shield) (leather armour, shield)

Hits 27

Speed 6’/sec

Max Pace/MM Bonus Dash/+10

40 70 50 40 40
-5 +10 +0 -5 -5

Languages Common, Goblin

Environment: Temperate plains

Organization: Gang (4-9), band (10-100 plus 100% non-combatants plus 1 5th-level sergeant per 20 adults and 1 leader of 6th-9th level), warband (10-24 with worg mounts), or tribe (40-400 plus 100% non-combatants plus 1 5rd-level sergeant per 20 adults, 1 or 2 lieutenants of 6th or 7th level, 1 leader of 9th-12th level, 10-24 worgs, and 2-4 dire wolves)

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Level 3
Base Rate 5’/sec
Max Pace/MM Bonus Fast Sprint/+5
Size/Critical M
Hits 55

80 60 35 50 50
+15 +5 -10 +0 +0

AT 3/20 2/10 (+5) Leather Hide or by Armour type

Attacks OB 67 Weapon Spear or Javelin
Environment: Temperate hills
Organization: Gang (2-4), squad (11-20 plus 2 5th level sergeants and 1 leader of 9th level), or band (30-100 plus 150% non-combatants plus 1 5th level sergeant per 10 adults, 5 8th level lieutenants, and 3 11th level captains)

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Medium humanoid (goblinoid)

Level 5

Armor Class 4/20 3/10 (natural armour) +20 shield DB

Hits 60

Speed 6’/sec

Max Pace Sprint /+5

75 70 40 55 45
+10 +5 -5 +0 -5

Environment: Temperate mountains

Organization: Solitary, gang (2-4), or band (11-20 plus 150% non-combatants plus 2 7th level sergeants and 1 leader of 8th to 10th level)

Bugbears speak Goblin and Common.