The Tribulations of the Orachu Tribe is our latest 50in50 offering. In The Tribulations of the Orachu Tribe, the characters encounter a feared local tribe, coming across the tribe when the characters need something, or simply by chance. The characters will be taken by the tribe and will be required to prove their worthiness in a

Publication Round Up

We have two new things for you this week! Thar’s Rustlers in Them There Hills is one of my 50in50 creations. The crux of this encounter is that the villains simply know more than the players and make best use of that knowledge. In this case they know the terrain, they know know their horses,

The Tree of Sighing Blades

This is a very late post for our latest 50in50 adventure. The Tree of Sighing Blades is an unusual and special tree, and its sap has special properties that are greatly desired. Harvesting the sap is not easy, though, as the leaves of the tree are very sharp and constantly fall and swirl in the air,