The Priest-King of Shade

Back in 2013 I submitted to I.C.E., and they accepted, my manuscript for “Priest-King of Shade”. There was no formal agreement, but at the time, product output was slow, RMU was just getting rolling and Terry was open to third party submissions. Nicholas gave the go-ahead and both he and Terry gave it a few

HARP Read Through – Talents & Other Options

The heroes of stories and legends often have extraordinaryabilities , unique magical powers or secret, specialknowledge. Collectively, these are referred to as Talents.Talents are purchased with Development Points.Certain Talents may only be purchased during charactercreation, like Blood Talents, while others may be learnedany time a character goes up a level. Players are urged toprovide the

Chapter 3 Professions

The first step when creating a HARP Fantasy character is to choose a Profession. Much like a career, a Profession reflects the focus your character has given to training and development. A Profession also determines how difficult it can be for you to learn certain skills. Some of the special abilities found in HARP Fantasy

Monkey See, Monkey Do

This is our latest 50 in 50 adventure and it is a great one to GM. If you are into making noises and impressions there are some great animal noises to make. If your players are the sort that immediate leap for the Spirit Mastery list and then try and interrogate the hell out of

Read Through Reviews

There is HARP, RMC/RM2, RMSS/RMFRP and there is RMU. Most of the readership here seem to be in the RMC/RM2 camp. Up until last month I had only a vague understanding of just how different RMFRP was to RMC. I cannot say I like RMFRP but I can see that there are some good elements