Wandering in from the cold.

the journey continues… Greetings! It feels like it’s been some time since I’ve blogged and certainly since I’ve blogged consistently. Now that I have had a little break and refreshed my creative batteries I’m going to focus almost exclusively on adventure content and let the rules focus take a back seat. As we’ve discussed here,

HARP Read Through – Combat

I am going to start with a summary, taken from the rules of the HARP combat sequence… 1 Make an attack roll. This is an open-ended percentile roll.2 If the initial roll is within the fumble range for the weapon,the attack stops and you roll on the fumble table. If the initialroll is within the


I doubt if many of you ever used Google+, it doesn’t seem that many people did. Having said that they did have half a billion regular users so it is a sign of the times when I can use ‘not many people’ when referring to half a billion. Anyway, from an RPG perspective it was

HARP Read Through – Adventuring

The adventuring chapter starts with an overview of skill resolution and when you should or shouldn’t roll a skill tests. It the goes on to describe the typical skill test types, all or nothing, percentage, bonus and resisance roll. The last is what we would consider an opposed test. I will cover bonus and resistance

Against the Darkmaster

I don’t know how many of you know of this game? To cut a long story short what Against the Darkmaster (vsDarkmaster for short) is is MERP plus house rules rebranded and launched as a new game. It is so new that we only have the public play test, quickstart adventure and pre-gen characters to