Ghoulish Behaviour

Today I thought I would outline another 1st level adventure and a bit of a cliche of “Go get the cure”. The villains are Ghouls and seeing as Rolemaster undead are not like DnD undead it is not a bad introduction. I have introduced a bit of wilderness travel to increase the variety of encounters

Cliche Adventure Ideas?

First off, Happy New Year to the “staff” and readers of! I’ve been working on a few different blog topics and I have to keep re-adjusting whenever a new post or comment is put up. I had a few thoughts on the starting adventures, caravan guards and Peter’s prison he just blogged about. I’m

Prison Break!

So, I think I have enough of an outline to create the wagon/caravan starting adventure based upon yesterday’s post. Another cliched starting adventure is starting the party in some sort of jail or prison. This cliche has the advantage of pretty much forcing the characters to trust each other as if they are on the