Fantasy Inspiration

In the scene above can you see a face in the rockface? It probably isn’t there at all but it when I first saw the imagine it sort of jumped out at me. The point is of this is threefold… The first was the forum post by Jengada on rendering campaign worlds. The second was

Lazy Peasants

I am bringing together two threads here. The first is Gabe’s Lazy DMing and the second is a conversation I had with Marc about how he has house ruled the Patronage/Renown rules from One Ring in to RMu. When Marc first mentioned Patronage he described it as a single figure, 0-6, that is used to

King of the Swingers

I spent the past two weeks writing a set of adventures. Bizarrely I have used a format I have adapted from Shadow or the Demon Lord to create an adventure for Zweihander as a writing tool to create a Rolemaster adventure. Let me unpack that a bit. Shadow or the Demon Lord [SDL] has a

The Black Companion

Thanks to Marc and his discord server I have had an opportunity to look into someone else’s RMu game. Everything I run will of course be coloured by my own preference for play style. Marc was half joking when he said about me “You don’t don’t use any rules.” when we were discussing our GMing

Discordant Thoughts

There are a couple of things I would like to write about this time. The first is Marc’s Discord server. He has dropped the link on the ICE forums but that was a while ago so I thought I would repost it here. Aby channel for discussion is better with more people involved. The

Outside looking in

I have been looking at the way that other games publishers deal with community content recently and at the same time at the way that they put adventures together. 7th Sea is the most Rolemaster-esque when it comes to community content. Although there is a community content programme, free art and templates available, there is