Thank God it is them and not you!

That is one of the lyrics from the Band Aid/Live Aid song “Do they Know Its Christmas?” Even first level characters wield more power than your typical villager and the party even more so. The typical party is an independent group with a broad skillset and more often than not magical support. There are a

RMu Steampunk?

I have a desire to do something Steampunky and I was thinking about how would one do this? I was looking at the image above and thought how would I run that in the session. I came up with two approaches. Many Monsters This approach gives the GM the greatest amount of variety. let me

College of Calculations

This post may be a bit jumbled, I was reading, writing and the calaculations all at the same time, bouncing between HARP, Spell Law, College of Magics and my own notes. HARP College of Magics. This is a little bit of a weird book for HARP. It absolutely must have been intended to be part

How Do You Spell That?

I am a huge fan of Spell Research for a few reasons. The first is that for NPCs if they start throwing spells that the characters do not recognize it puts a bit of wonder back into the game, especially if you are playing with seasoned old hands. I also like it for PCs. They