Zweihänder Read Through – The Conclusion

The final chapter of the core Zwei book is the starting adventure and I am not goung to spoil that. So in effect that is the end of the read through. All GMs are magpies. We will happily steal ideas from anywhere. The two things I have already tried to introduce to my game are … Continue reading “Zweihänder Read Through – The Conclusion”

Zweihänder Read Through – The Bestiary

The Zweihänder bestiary is small but fully functional. This is particularly interesting considering the issues that RMu has with the sheer size of Creature Law. The philosophy is that each creature has a true name, and that is what you look it up under in the rules. Each creature also has many local names. So … Continue reading “Zweihänder Read Through – The Bestiary”

Zweihänder Read Through – Game Mastery II

This is the second of my posts on Zweihänder’s mammoth Game Mastery ‘chapter’. The first bit that sticks out is the world building rules. So far I have been somewhat critical about how Zwei can be both setting neutral and yet detail races, magical sources, gods, religions and to some extent monsters. The last will … Continue reading “Zweihänder Read Through – Game Mastery II”

Zweihänder Read Through – Hazards and the Grimoire

HAZARDS & HEALING This is a very impressive part of Zweihander. What the writers have done is define eight rather atmosphere, and I would say setting specific, diseases and afflictions. Each has a difficulty factor to resist infection, a description of the symptoms and of the treatment. That bit isn’t particularly outstanding, but it is … Continue reading “Zweihänder Read Through – Hazards and the Grimoire”

Zweihänder Read Through – Trappings & Combat

Trappings is Zweihänder parlance for equipment. The default non-setting of Zweihänder uses three base coins, each of which reflects a social strata, brass pennies are used by the poorest peasants in society, the low born, including my PC. Silver Schillings are the currency of commerce and the marchant classes and then gold crowns at the … Continue reading “Zweihänder Read Through – Trappings & Combat”

Zweihänder Read Through – Skills & Talents

This is obviously another Zweihänder post. I am trying to rattle through them a bit faster than I did the HARP read through for two reasons. Firstly, if you enjoy them then making you wait is not a good thing. If you don’t enjoy them then keeping them coming back for months is equally not … Continue reading “Zweihänder Read Through – Skills & Talents”

Zweihänder Read Through – Character Creation & Profession

We nearly all suffer from something called Unconscious Bias. This is where we are much more likely to believe things that we agree with and disbelieve things that we don’t agree with. In games and especially when you are reviewing a game we tend to think that rules we like are great and rules we … Continue reading “Zweihänder Read Through – Character Creation & Profession”

Zweihänder Read Through – Introduction and How To Play

This is the first in a short series of articles on Zweihänder. If you missed the introductory post you can find it here.  NOTE: I find that when I start out on these sorts of read throughs I can quite negative. I have preconceptions of how I think things should be and then when I … Continue reading “Zweihänder Read Through – Introduction and How To Play”

ZWEIHÄNDER Grim and Perilous RPG?

I know that Zweihänder is not Rolemaster and not directly Rolemaster related but… Zweihänder is one of the best selling games of 2017 and 2018. It is a D100 based game. It is also detailed, gritty and simulationist. A typical character sheet/record runs to 8 pages. That all sounds rather familiar doesn’t it? It comes … Continue reading “ZWEIHÄNDER Grim and Perilous RPG?”