During this pandemic season, a lot of people are taking their games online in roll20 or Fantasy grounds. Some of these will be regular groups who cannot meet up just moving their campaign online. Other people are reaching out to join online games with people they have never played with before. If you are in

RMu in Print?

I have recently been doing a lot of Print on Demand work recently and this set off a train of thought. Coupled with the fact that Ironcrown.com is broken again I started to think about physical copies of RMu. Obviously, none of us have seen the final texts. Up until last week, it seemed that

Mystic Week

In all my years of Rolemaster, I have played one mystic and I confess to being underwhelmed by the profession. To me, the Mystic should be what the Warrior Mage was designed to be. I liked the idea of when not in armour of having the full power of the Esseance realm to call upon,

Bad Boy Druids

When I think of druids, I think of human sacrifices, wicker man style burnings, and an extremely ‘zero tolerance’ regime ruling through fear. This doesn’t really fit well with the Rolemaster’s vision of the druid. I cannot help but wonder if the druid is needed at all as a profession. Are they no just clerics

Step 4 and we haven't rolled any stats yet.

Two Types of Crunch

There was a thread on the forums this week about what do you like most about Rolemaster, HARP, and MERP. One of the things that stood out was half the people liked the detail and ‘crunch’ of certain rules. Others valued the simplicity or lack of ‘crunch’ of certain rules. It was not that there