Further Adventures

It was sad news this week, that GenCon has been cancelled. I saw someone on Discord (Marc maybe?) saying that it should be pushed back to October rather than cancelled but that isn’t so easy. These convention halls do not lie empty all year. Every week there is someone running something, and right now I


This month’s Director’s Briefing suggested that there could be special printed materials for the organised play games at GenCon, should the con go ahead. I have been lurking on the fringes of many discord servers and the feeling is probably 50/50 that it won’t happen and equally 50/50 as to whether people will attend even

ICE RPGs on Discord

If you want to get your daily dose of Rolemaster, HARP, or RMu, there is now a well supported discord server. Follow this link https://discord.gg/YBrepAB And it will take you straight there. If you haven’t used discord it is pretty much the IRC, Internet Relay Chat, of the 90s brought up to date. There are

Nasty, Evil Plots!

I like to think of plots as a mix of two completely different ingredients. The first is a really simple structure making them easy to manage, even after the first contact with the player characters. The second is just enough chaos, mayhem and evil doings to make the plot worthwhile in completing. Assuming most players

Your Voice

With the ICE Forums apparently self isolating, means there is no where for people to ask questions, sign post other fans to great/interesting/amusing resources or any of other things that we used the forums for. To that end, I want to extend the blog to anyone who wants to use it. A blog is not

3 Today!

Well, I am not 100% sure of the actual date but the Rolemaster Fanzine has reached its 36th issue, making it 3 years old. Over the past three years the fanzine has changed quite a bit, but it has now settled down to a seemingly regular “An adventure plus some articles” each month. The emphasis


During this pandemic season, a lot of people are taking their games online in roll20 or Fantasy grounds. Some of these will be regular groups who cannot meet up just moving their campaign online. Other people are reaching out to join online games with people they have never played with before. If you are in