Using AI for Shadow World: Demons of the Pales

I’ve been going through my various projects and generating and inserting quick artwork to capture the flavor and essence of persons, places and things. I’m a novice at AI generated art, and I completely understand the issues around using AI in commercial projects. This isn’t that. One of my major roadblocks for content creation is my limited art and floor plan skills–abilities that Terry had in spades (given his architectural/design background) and really drove the Shadow World aesthetic and narrative. I was tinkering with my “Book of the Pales”. I had excluded the descriptions of the main Demon types for copyright and IP issues, but I wanted to create include more accurate artwork. I’ve literally put 30 minutes of effort into these generations, but I think they work great!

A Pale I Demon with pale grey skin and the clump of wiry hair atop its large skull, wielding a club.

A Second Pale Demon in traditional line drawing. Needs some more work and the hands and feet need webbing!

The Demon of the Third Pale, capturing its towering, lithe form with dark grey coloring and huge, bat-like wings extending from its long arms.

A Fourth Pale Demon. I really like this–a very catlike and serpentine feel. One of my modules takes place on Charon and I utilize these Demons there in the tunnels…

Fifth Pale Demon. I like this–especially the technology touches with hints of the fusion of flesh and metal.

Using AI for Shadow World. Shards.

Per ChatGTP. Here’s the illustration of the Shard, an artificial creature with enchanted organic features. This drawing captures its unique characteristics, including the greenish hide covering its body, the wart-like protrusions on its feet, and the semitransparent layer that obscures its facial features, giving it a haunting appearance.

I’m going to be writing a lot about our AI Shadow World project in the coming months, but thought I would showcase a quick image generation of a Shard. Here is another version with a small iteration on the prompt:

Obviously they can be fine tuned, but for about 2 minutes of work that’s exceptional. For me, there is not just an opportunity to create art work for unique creatures found in Shadow World, but the ability to create new creatures with basic descriptions. Stat blocks are easy to create from an illustration, and having the artwork really enhances the gameplay and immersion.