Bokar and His Wondrous Wagon

Bokar and His Wondrous Wagon¬†describes an NPC, Bokar, and his wagon. Bokar is a travelling trader, low level spell user, liar and thief, and his wagon has many surprises. It may resemble a cross between a gypsy wagon and a travelling tinker’s, and certainly has a varied stock of items, but there are many secrets hidden within the wagon which will prove much harder for a bandit to take then such might think.… Read the rest

Pick your targets

Today for some reason I was in procrastinating mood. Rather than doing what I should have been doing I ended up catching up on loads of really out of date forum topics that a really had very little interest in, which is why I hadn’t read them when they were fresh.… Read the rest

RPGaDay2018 Day 12: Wildest Character Concept

I have been looking back at some of my previous PCs and actually the concepts behind them all are rather tame. The stand out character in recent years is probably my illusionist.

Silas by game profession was an illusionist but was employed most of the time at the Nomikos Library as a freelance researcher.… Read the rest