Gaming Post Mortem

Well we had a fun and interesting weekend of gaming.

To start with I spent many more hours playing than GMing. That is something that hasn’t happened for several years. The consequence is that we got less done in my game that I had hoped.… Read the rest

Gemsting Cave

This is one of the adventure ideas I had based around using a very specific creature, and a creature that doesn’t feature that often.

In Gemsting Cave, characters explore a cave once haunted by Gemstings – Giant Scorpions – which have now returned after many years.… Read the rest

The Long Awaited Game

This weekend I get to run my face to face game. The last session was nearly a year ago as the get together planned for the autumn last year was cancelled. In fact we wanted to meet up in the June and the September but neither of those weekends happened.… Read the rest

Capricorn One

Yes, you guessed it, the stupid title means it is one of my 50 in 50 adventure hooks.

Capricorn One is a “Can the heroes save the village?” adventure. For added fun as least some of the adventure is going to take place on water so it is a chance to prize your tanked up warriors out of their plate mail.… Read the rest

Culture of Spiders

We have released a few adventure hooks that could easily be expanded into full adventure modules with a bit of effort. One of the prime candidates is The City of Spiders.

As this hook introduced a whole city for the characters to explore along with factions to interact with it is easy to imaging creating several adventures within this one location.… Read the rest

Feldaryn’s Flying Ship

This week is Fanzine week and our latest 50 in 50 adventure.

Fanzine issue 12

This issue is the finishes the Essence part of BASiL with five new spell lists and as a preview of the Channelling lists there is one new featured channeling list ‘Minor Curses’.… Read the rest