Publication Round Up

We have two new things for you this week!

Thar’s Rustlers in Them There Hills is one of my 50in50 creations. The crux of this encounter is that the villains simply know more than the players and make best use of that knowledge.… Read the rest

The Tree of Sighing Blades

This is a very late post for our latest 50in50 adventure.

The Tree of Sighing Blades is an unusual and special tree, and its sap has special properties that are greatly desired. Harvesting the sap is not easy, though, as the leaves of the tree are very sharp and constantly fall and swirl in the air, apparently seeking out any who try and making it a dangerous proposition.… Read the rest

Rebel Without a Chance

In Rebel Without a Chance, the characters come across a halfling village where many of the residents have been mentally dominated by a half-orc that they rescued. The remainder are trying to free themselves. The dominated residents will try to get the characters to leave the village; if they stay, the characters will not know for certain which halflings are affected, and therefore potential enemies.… Read the rest

For whom the setting tolls

One topic that we keep coming back to is RM’s setting. There is nothing inherently wrong with a generic fantasy set of rules but it does set any single game at a disadvantage in the gaming market place.

The reasons why generic is a disadvantage is twofold.… Read the rest

What is HARP?

As you’re here, I know you’re familiar with Rolemaster, and I’m here to tell you about HARP.  HARP stands for High Adventure Role Playing, and while it shares many things with RM it is its own game.

Currently, HARP has six books available: Fantasy, SF, SF Xtreme,  College of Magics, Martial Law, and Folkways.… Read the rest