Upcoming: The Rolemaster Podcast

This might be too early to announce, but it’s probably given that we have a fairly small, but passionate fanbase so it’s sort of necessary. We are in the process of rolling out a new Rolemaster/Shadow World based podcast: In Search of Andraax. This will be a monthly production sponsored by the Rolemasterblog.com.

We have the first year production mapped out, but I want to solicit YOUR ideas for future podcasts content. Despite it’s current smaller market, Rolemaster was a GIANT of the industry, a pathmaker for other systems (DND 3ed) and for our readers, perhaps the RPG system of choice. It’s history needs to be further explored.

A quick search amongst Youtube and podcasts doesn’t generate a lot of great results: mostly game sessions, product reviews and the rare interview. I’m quite excited about our lineup and approach to the subject matter. If you have an “in” to a key person tied to Rolemaster, or an idea for us to explore, let us know. Is there someone we should interview or is there something you would like to know more about that hasn’t been explored?

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  1. You should get famous people to talk about their Rolemaster experiences, much like Vin Diesel has done for D&D

    1. Ha! I don’t know any famous people! I think the only “famous” person that has mentioned Rolemaster was Joe Abercrombie (author). But I’m open to it!

  2. I like the idea of a podcast, and will gladly listen.
    But your picture, assuming that it shows Andraax, has an significant error. 😉

    1. That’s Andraax the elven loremaster, look at his pointed ears and known violet eyes.
      As it’s stated in the Loremaster records, he was elven, no need for six fingers nor slit pupils
      At least that’s what I thought when I saw the picture.

    1. I’m still curious what you don’t like about the picture? Overall I thought it was pretty good and Andraax was assumed (appeared) to be an Elf as a founding member of the Loremasters.

      As artwork goes, it works for our podcast, but I’ll probably have Matt try his hand at it when he’s back from travels.

  3. I like the idea, and will subscribe and recommend it to those friends who like crunchy systems.
    As far as ideas, mine are as bad as any other random persons. =)

    1) If the podcast covers multiple topics, consider publishing a simple ‘hh:mm:ss starts here’ summary (regardless of whether or not it has hh:’)

    2) Tackle the ‘Crunchiness’ of Rolemaster head-on. In polls asking about crunchy systems, RM is frequently (if remembered) a top contender.

    3) Articulate the uniqueness of the ShadowWorld setting, and make it relatable and accessible. Perhaps deeper dives into specific regions, or organizations.

    1. Those are solid suggestions. Right now we have 8 episodes planned out, and it looks like the first one will be at least 2 parts. (recording tomorrow) Most will be group or interview format with some key people and cool guests.

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