Memorial Day Weekend Musings

For those of you that are enjoying a holiday and long weekend despite the pandemic and social distancing, we wish you the best in these trying times! Due to the out of service status of the Rolemaster Forums, ICE is a bit of a “black box” right now, but nonetheless things still seem to be

Thoughts on mortality.

I’m not sure that’s a good title for this blog post, but I’m writing this “on the run” but look at that picture. To me, that could have been my roleplaying group back in the early 80’s. How about you? If that seems familiar it’s because A LOT of Rolemaster players are in their 40’s

Rolemaster Survey

Another cloudy day of stay-at-home quarantining, so I thought I would throw this out to our faithful blog readers! Please respond in comments by #, answer as few or many as you would like. Favorite magic item. Do you have a favorite item found in a RM book or module or something you made up

Shadow World Spin Cycle: Assassins of Dol Amroth

While the purpose of by “spin cycle” blog articles is to re-purpose MERP and other modules for use in Shadow World, Assassins of Dol Amroth (AoDA) is an excellent module for quick, easy to run adventures in any setting. Cover Art. First, the cover is another great Angus McBride piece, showing a female assassin ready

Spell Law Deconstruction: Building Spell Lists to 50th lvl.

Now that I’m posting up some more spell lists–Mentalism primarily, I’m tracking comments and feedback on the forums and here at RMBlog. The number one issue I see is the desire for spell list reductionism, maybe build 10 spells per “list” and allow for creative scalability similar to or identical to HARP. That is a