Shadow World AI Project: Astronomy

This orrery captures the grandeur of the Kulthean solar system with a central sun made of golden topaz and planets represented by various precious stones, all adorned with gold accents and set upon a base that blends classical and futuristic elements.

We are covering a lot of ground with our Shadow World AI project and with these blog posts I’m just summarizing some of our work or showing our initial results from the last few weeks and months. My hope is to inspire other SW users to generate their own content, provide useful feedback on the work that I’m doing and moving the Overton Window on the discussions around community content. The hard reality is that AI generative material will quickly outpace human creators in both scope and speed and will be able to emulate creative’s style and work product. As much as I try to keep my material “in the lane” with Canon, AI will be able to iterate new material using Terry’s baseline work–which is substantial.

I’ve been working on a simulation of orbital mechanics to understand the interplay of Kulthea, Orhan and Charon (which matters most to gameplay). My first step was to feed the planetary info into the system and model it. Part of that process was to also generate an ornate orrery that is used in the Temples of Phaon. You can see the picture above. Future work will be to create a animated simulation of the solar system but I want to start with a small simulation of Kulthea and it’s moons.

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