Using AI for Shadow World. Shards.

Per ChatGTP. Here’s the illustration of the Shard, an artificial creature with enchanted organic features. This drawing captures its unique characteristics, including the greenish hide covering its body, the wart-like protrusions on its feet, and the semitransparent layer that obscures its facial features, giving it a haunting appearance.

I’m going to be writing a lot about our AI Shadow World project in the coming months, but thought I would showcase a quick image generation of a Shard. Here is another version with a small iteration on the prompt:

Obviously they can be fine tuned, but for about 2 minutes of work that’s exceptional. For me, there is not just an opportunity to create art work for unique creatures found in Shadow World, but the ability to create new creatures with basic descriptions. Stat blocks are easy to create from an illustration, and having the artwork really enhances the gameplay and immersion.