Shadow World AI project – Kugor

One of the areas that AI like Chatgpt can excel is generating fantasy languages. Not just word emulation, but grammar rules. I’ve been playing around with expanding the vocabularies that have floated around Shadow World books since the original Iron Wind, with a focus on Iruaric and Kugor (the language of Dragonlords). I start with uploading the current available words from the Master Atlas to create a baseline for the AI to work from. Kugor was interesting since it seemed to relate to, or draw, from Norse or Scandanavian influences. I’d be curious if that was intentional on Terry’s part.

The following is a basic first run with a sampling of results:


Kugor appears to have a rich tapestry of words, with distinct sounds and themes focused on power, nature, elements, and societal structures. We’ll create new words that reflect and extend these themes, ensuring they’re phonetically aligned with what you’ve shared.

Given the established vocabulary’s emphasis on strong consonant sounds (like “g,” “k,” “r,” and “b”), use of double vowels for emphasis, and thematic focus on elements, creatures, and societal roles, the new words will follow suit.

Nature and Environment

  • Storm – Raathuon
  • Volcano – Shaangarn
  • Iceberg – Raathkarn
  • River – Biarkael
  • Valley – Karnbrod
  • Meadow – Prykachaw
  • Sun – Utumkodur

Creatures and Beings

  • Wolf – Drayn
  • Eagle – Kodry
  • Serpent – Ssovalg
  • Giant – Hoerkarn
  • Witch – Womuulga
  • Wizard – Womawga

Societal and Conceptual

  • King – Folmgaak
  • Queen – Folmgaakur
  • Hero – Breyaalc
  • Villain – Gartgaath
  • Treasure – Utumwomul
  • Curse – Gaarkchaur

Objects and Artifacts

  • Sword – Daagutum
  • Shield – Aalkaed
  • Book – Cuivagak
  • Potion – Rúansig
  • Crown – Aedfolm
  • Jewel – Eanwomul

Actions and Properties

  • To Conquer – Druskarn
  • To Betray – Gartkraaw
  • To Celebrate – Brechaw
  • To Enchant – Womuulchort
  • To Discover – Uscurackarn
  • To Heal – Prykawomul

Additional Vocabulary Expansion

Natural World and Geography

  • Thunder – Raathlyyg
  • Lightning – Piriig
  • Forest Glade – Chawlocha
  • Ocean – Aactoskuur
  • Mountain Pass – Karnny
  • Volcanic Ash – Shaangdes

Creatures and Beings

  • Sea Monster – Aactosdrak
  • Mountain Spirit – Karnorg
  • Forest Guardian – Horlyalc
  • Sky Serpent – Awduussoi
  • Ancestral Ghost – Androskhomul

Societal Roles and Constructs

  • Chieftain – AWkanga
  • Sage – Fawshrydrul
  • Craftsman – Arxduleer
  • Emissary – Druulkaag
  • Rebel – Ordir

Concepts and Abstract Ideas

  • Oath – Kodulryt
  • Exile – Iirmord
  • Alliance – Chaaggagur
  • Ritual – Yhomechooth
  • Prophecy – Koduldrul

Objects and Artifacts

  • Rune Stone – Orguscurac
  • Heirloom Sword – Daagutumleer
  • Enchanted Cloak – Womuulain
  • Druidic Staff – Uscuractarmen
  • Ship’s Figurehead – Progaorg

Actions and States

  • To Envision – Piriidrul
  • To Enchant – Uscuracchort
  • To Forsake – Gartord
  • To Illuminate – Piriolias
  • To Reign – Kangaoran

I think this is an encouraging first step! AI tools will actually build rules around verb and adverb usage, conjugation, gender use and perspective. My own usage is around building a word toolkit that is phonetically related to the baseline and generating compound words and short phrasing. However, someone with a deeper understanding of language building could really run with this.

We’ve already been working on a central repository for non-commercial Shadow World artwork, it would also be helpful to create a wiki dictionary with expanded lexicon of the more prominent languages. I’m simultaneously working on Iruaric which I’ll post up next, but the Elven languages might be very interesting given Terry’s initial work in the Tolkien setting.

Again, as a disclaimer, I understand the concern and issues around AI generative material, but I also see powerful tools able to expand on Terry’s work without a disruption of canon.

Your thoughts?

Encyclopedia Kulthea

It’s been 5-6 years since I blogged about a new encompassing Shadow World “Master Atlas”. Since Terry’s passing it’s unlikely that we might see it, but most of the material is there, ready to be collated and reorganized, and new material fills in gaps without altering Canon.

I thought it was worth revisiting now that RMU is being rolled out. I don’t think it would difficult to move RM stats and rules to a support supplement and make the setting rule agnostic.