Random Battlemaps!

Yesterday was my birthday so I have a gift for you all.

Following on from Brih’s post yesterday on Uncharted Atlas I have something else for you. Introducing Grozzy’s.

Grozzys is the original random dungeon generator going back to 2004 but that isn’t actually the cool bit. What I love is the random wilderness generator.  Not only are you getting a random map on demand but you are also getting the battle map grid!

Grozzy offers random dungeons, caves and wilderness all with the option of the underlying grid.

Here is an example for you. Click it for a bigger view.

Dyson’s Dodecahedron

I am truly terrible at maps. Thankfully one of the best fantasy cartographers I have ever come across is Dyson Logos. His blog, Dyson’s Dodecahedron, is an immense resource for maps including amazing isometric layouts.

This particular one…

Vault of the Ghost King

…is ideal for those of you of a Shadow World bent. The elevator just smacks of higher technology. To my mind even the spiral stairwell would quite possibly be beyond many cultures.

I am thinking of using one of Dyson’s maps for the session of fruitless searching that I mentioned last time. I guess that many GMs will have already discovered Dyson but I thought I would feature him anyway just in case there are GMs out there who have not discovered him yet.

You should certainly check the blog out.