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6 thoughts on “Relative Adventuring

      1. Yes, I do like the idea of scalable encounters. Whether that’s something as simple as altering numbers, or more complex methods such as adding useful skills, spell casting abilities and magic items to monsters (in old D&D modules, monsters would often have magical items as treasure that they could use – but didn’t. That never made a lot of sense). Of course, adding more complex scalability to an adventure can increase its size significantly.

  1. Personally I’ve been scaling my adventures this way at least in terms of what one might call supporting fighters for some years now. It does work quite well, and I’m building guidelines like these into the modern stuff I’m working on.

    As an aside, I did like those rules with the exception of their basing XPs on the least active player in any session. That bothers me.

    1. I like the idea of a scaling formula, but not sure it can work in the design phase. I “scale” encounters already (see Seers of Strok or Priest-King) but scale up usually involves a different mixture of adversaries Rather than just a linear increase in numbers.

      That said, most modules should have some guidelines for adjusting key encounters to PC strength.

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