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3 thoughts on “Rolemaster Kids- Magic”

  1. I agree the spell names are boring. I find them boring; something more evocative would be better.

    I looked at how Hero Kids handles magic – basically, it’s very simplified. Some characters have a magic attack, which may have different names, rather than a melee or ranged. Another publisher did create a more advanced spell system.

    For the age group you’re targeting, a more advanced version than just one type of attack would likely be recommended.

  2. What was the final thought on “criticals for kids”? Criticals are a core attribute of RM, but as was pointed out, may be a bit graphic for younger players. Plus, the magic healing is tied into those specific damage results (blood, bone, tissue, muscle etc).

    I think having criticals is important; both for keeping RM DNA and as a gateway into the more complex system. Can it be “cartoonized”. Criticals like:

    “Bam!! Foe hit in face and forced to blink for 1 rnd”
    “Kapow!! Foe is disarmed”

    Basically, more action oriented crit results than specific damage. Just a thought.

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