3 Today!

Well, I am not 100% sure of the actual date but the Rolemaster Fanzine has reached its 36th issue, making it 3 years old.

Over the past three years the fanzine has changed quite a bit, but it has now settled down to a seemingly regular “An adventure plus some articles” each month.

The emphasis is very much that this is a Game Master fanzine, not for players so much. The reasoning is that the GM may well want to run the adventure and having the players read it first rarely makes for an exciting time.

I saw this month that ICE are looking for writers. If you have anything that you don’t think is substantial enough to put forward as a full on submission consider the fanzine.

I pay, on a commission share basis. I give everyone who contributes a share of the earnings through DTRPG. They deal with everything the instant each copy is sold. I suspect that there is no human involvement. You can spend you earnings as either account credit to get a discount on RPG books or withdraw it via PayPal.

When I started this blog it was just me. Over time I think we have something like 10 to 12 different writers. I would like to see the fanzine grow to have a range of voices.

In another development, fanzine-wise, I am getting all the back issues out as paperbacks on Amazon. The publication order is a little haphazard but only because the newest issues are paperback friendly. When I wrote the old issues this was not a consideration.

The current list of available paperbacks can be found on Amazon, here (UK) and here (US), and here (Canada).

It is my intention to grow this by at least two issues a month. I think I am about 20 issues behind, so I have my work cut out for me.

The point of the fanzine is that is by fans, for fans. I will accept pretty much anything from adventures, one-off articles or art.

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  1. How do you handle art and maps in your adventures? They have always been the stumbling block to me as I look to write them. I can always just draw things on my battlemap when I am GMing, but if I were to publish an adventure, I’d want something more professional than I could ever draw. Do you ever commission art or maps?

    1. There are a couple of options. I tend to browse the Dyson Logos maps for inspiration. He has nearly 300 maps, free for commercial use, and adds at least one new one every month. There are also some really cool random map generators online that are happy for you to use them.
      Art is harder.
      I have commissioned art, the first quote I got was for a single piece of full colour art, quarter of a page, and that was $500 and that was discounted as I was a friend. I eventually got the piece for $90 from an artist that was just getting started in fantasy art.

      There are two approaches that can work, the first is to search the public domain art libraries for suitable art and the second is to buy stock art. I normally use a combination of both. The dwarves and elves in recent fanzine issues were all stock art created by Fat Goblin Games.

  2. Thanks for the tips, guys! Your comments were very helpful, and have given me options I didn’t know I had.

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