50-in-50 Latest Release: Curse of the Ancient Tomb

Curse of the Ancient Tomb has the characters exploring a recently uncovered tomb. The tomb is not merely a tomb, but also a prison for a powerful, and now undead, being, and their powerful weapon. The tomb itself has dangers, one subtle but a potentially serious problem, and neither the occupant nor its weapon are remotely safe. Characters could easily run into serious problems exploring the tomb.

This is, to the best of my knowledge, the biggest adventure yet. You get 32 pages including a battle map, adventure, magic items and traps. It is the most purely Rolemaster booklet we have produced with. I would love to see a D&D players face when they read…

Warding Evil. This is a 40th lvl spell that will repel “Evil” or “Undead”. Any such within 10’ of the Ward must make an RR each round or suffer a “D” critical effect.”

It is the very thought of a 40th level spell that should give a D&D player kittens!

For more sensible people who play Rolemaster then this is an excellent little adventure!

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  1. Yes, I did wonder how players of other systems – that go up to 9th level spells! – would react to 40th level!

    In terms of word count, it is about 80 shorter (using my numbers) that Snakes on a Wagon Train, and 2 shorter than Call that a Knife? The battlemap got a little out of hand when it came to size.

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