Bokar and His Wondrous Wagon

Bokar and His Wondrous Wagon describes an NPC, Bokar, and his wagon. Bokar is a travelling trader, low level spell user, liar and thief, and his wagon has many surprises. It may resemble a cross between a gypsy wagon and a travelling tinker’s, and certainly has a varied stock of items, but there are many secrets hidden within the wagon which will prove much harder for a bandit to take then such might think.

Two maps of Bokar’s wagon are included, at 1 square = 1 foot scale, one with labels for the GM, one without.

In Brian’s own words “This week is one of my favorite NPC’s: Bokar. If he seems vaguely familiar he was my version of Bashar the Merchant found in Emer I pg 113. I used him extensively in my campaign and he’s featured in my extended Grand Campaign as well. He has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve and a bit Jinteni tech as well.”

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  1. This sounds like a great module. I can’t wait to download it. Once the final 10-pack is out I’ll grab it. I don’t have any gaming dates set up for a few weeks still and I’m itching to get going again.

      1. I have been. I started to rough out quick module type that I would love to see be used. Then Life got in the way and I’m fighting for a day off to rest a bit. Hopefully soon.

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