Call That A Knife

Of all the 50 in 50 adventure hooks I wrote my two favourites were Mating Season and Call That A Knife.

This week’s offering is Call That A Knife.

Call That a Knife? sees a strange woman pulled out of the sea at a port. The woman is wearing tight-fitting armour and has unusual weapons, which she immediately attacks her rescuers with, killing several. The characters hear about this attack and may pursue the woman, who is travelling across the town’s roofs, as she tries to escape. The woman speaks no known language; it isn’t known who or what she is or why she is attacking everyone who approaches her.

Believe me when I say it is much better than it sounds. This is Ninjas meets Bourne Identity meets Kill Bill.

If you only buy one of my hooks then this is the one to buy. If you want to buy two of mine then get Mating Season as well!

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