Book of Pales

There is much dispute and disagreement to the nature of these alternate dimensions. Science predicted and detected the
energy signatures of these realms much earlier in Altha history, but only recently have we pierced the veils to access them
physically. Certainly, the entities there did not prove cooperative; in fact, they were extremely hostile. We believe there is an
intrinsic hierarchy that places our reality above these pale imitations of our own. This supremacy gives us the ability to
command these otherworldly denizens, but researchers are moving cautiously, early expeditionary efforts were met with
Summary Report Excerpt. Kulthean Science Committee.

I was asked about the “Book of the Pales” and since it’s now unavailable due to the RM Forums shutdown I am posting it here.

This is a preliminary version: I left out stats and other material in the event that this would ever be officially published.


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