Fantasy Grounds Unity up and running

After last week’s hiccup, I have managed to track down the source of my problem using FG Classic. It turns out that my Satellite broadband provider closes all ports on inbound traffic, unless you pay for their premium services.

Having spent days trying to figure out why port forwarding would not work, reading hundreds of forum posts and guides, it did turn up on a forum that this was the root cause. I sent off an email and got a sales message back about upgrading.

The other alternative was to upgrade to Unity, and run a cloud hosted game.

I bought unity, and the RMC package at the same time, and I got an upgrade discount, so that is not bad.

We had a session on Wednesday evening and made some characters, played around with sharing maps and moving tokens around.

My experience with FG was all Classic, I think I am going to have to rerun some of the FG College videos just to come up to speed.

Now, I am spending time just making characters, which I will be able to utilise as NPCs, and just becoming more comfortable with character creation.

In the next week or two, I would like to get to the point of running a short adventure for my old face to face group.

My only concern is that when I have played, not GMed, online games have degenerated into almost table top battles, everyone more concerned about pawing over the map and positions. The actual roleplaying seemed to take a back seat after a while.

That was the main reason why I was not a fan of online playing.

Hopefully, if we are on our guard against it, it will not be such a problem.

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  1. I have a feeling I should upgrade to Unity before I get too used to Classic. At least I’ve sold enough to easily cover the cost.

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