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It was sad news this week, that GenCon has been cancelled. I saw someone on Discord (Marc maybe?) saying that it should be pushed back to October rather than cancelled but that isn’t so easy. These convention halls do not lie empty all year. Every week there is someone running something, and right now I guess everyone with something booked is worrying about whether their event will go ahead. I only looked as far ahead as mid-November but there was no space for a GenCon 2020 in the list.

The real concern about GenCon was that it was going to be the first outing for RMu, in the wild. There is going to be a virtual GenCon but that will not have the same impact as teh in-person event.

It is encouraging that RMu is far enough along to be able to play it as an organised play. For that we are thankful.


Brian has suggested that we write another set of 50-in-50 adventures this year. I think the three of us are up for it and this time we want to expand on last time and build in more game stats, maps and battle mats.

I am quite excited about this. They are a lot of work, coming up with an adventure for every week, for 25 weeks, but they are also great fun to do.

One of the best bits is of course that it keeps Rolemaster on the front page of DriveThruRPG for the best part of a year, even if it is just on the “Newest” list.

I have a hankering to write some viking-esque adventures. You may well see them cropping up in the next round of 50-in-50.

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  1. I have 10-15 sketched out already! Does anyone else want to jump in and contribute? At the least it pays for all my DTRPG purchases.

  2. Technically, RMu has been played at GenCon, because I ran a session of it last year. But yes, this was going to be a higher profile, with me running two sessions and Tbigness also running some.

    Looking forward to the new 50 in 50. I am still working on rules, classes, and races, so I won’t be turning to adventures for a while. I want to get all my houserules fixed, then all my races and classes playable, before I start getting into adventures again. I am making progress on the Armsmaster and Warlord, then I’ll probably turn next to Beastmaster and Witcher.

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