Gaming Post Mortem

Well we had a fun and interesting weekend of gaming.

To start with I spent many more hours playing than GMing. That is something that hasn’t happened for several years. The consequence is that we got less done in my game that I had hoped.

I had wanted to emulate a long and fruitless search, resolve the searching and then mount a successful rescue at the correct location. The dream sequences worked for the first two days but then a combination of Guess (Communal Ways, 1st Level) and Dream I (Communal Ways, 4th Level) soon dispensed with the entire need for hunting up and down the forest.

In some ways this was a clever solution by the players, effective use of low level magic and it solved a potential problem. I could just shift some simple encounters from inside the forest to the edges where the characters were travelling and a that was that. We ended up leaving the game at the point where they are about to launch the rescue mission itself. They don’t know it but there is another encounter they are going to have first but my year of worrying if I could pull off the fruitless search was completely pointless.

From a playing point of view the adventure was a brilliant first adventure and introduced the new setting, a homebrew world where magic is incredibly common and there seems to be a forgotten ancient civilisation and a legacy of old technology.

I am playing a Lay Healer and despite the potentially second string nature of the profession I got fully stuck in with the rest of the team. It was interesting to see the characters go through several iterations of the best ‘marching order’ as we investigated a subterranean complex. For a fair portion of it I was in the role of second warrior. This is not exactly what I had expected!

Here is a little clip from my equipment list from the start of the adventure…

And what happens if you make the lay healer the second guy through the door after the knight!

I think I did enough to accumulate enough experience to gain 2nd level but I will have to wait until the autumn to find out.

There was plenty of fighting undead and healing the party, especially during combat where those few extra #hits made the difference between standing and fighting and hitting the deck.

We shall see…

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  1. Was it RMU you were playing? I find that in RMU, classes that used to be well behind the curve in terms of combat can actually contilribute more than they did in previous editions. Everyone can buy two ranks per level in weapons skills if they want to make that investment, and starting hits are higher. So that Lay Healer can actually serve relatively well as an off-tank. I like that.

    1. No this was the GM that I have only recently introduced to RM and we are playing RMC.

      I have AT1 and an OB of 18 so I have no idea what I am doing at the front.

      By the end of the game the bard had found his weapin and shield so took over but it was a fun few hours.

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