Grosk’s Tavern

This week’s 50in50 is one with a printable battlemap or should I say battlemaps (plural). I think these add a great deal to the download as maps and floor plans are so easy to recycle that any GM should be able to make use of them.

It is also my understanding that this is one of Brian’s favourite 50in50 adventures. So please enjoy Grosk’s Tavern!

Grosk’s Tavern is an apparently former temple that has since been converted into a tavern for those who are down on their luck. The beer has absolutely nothing to recommend it but the clientele have an oddly military demeanour. For Grosk’s is actually a place to hire mercenaries and the tavern keeper is not just that either. Those starting a fight in the tavern may well regret it.

The adventure comes with two battlemaps, a 14″x24″ map of the tavern’s ground floor taking up six pages and a 21″x24″ map of the cellar taking up nine pages that can be printed out and assembled.

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  1. I’m heading over to DL this module after I post this! I’ve always tried to make the Tavern/Inn experience something worthwhile for the players but they always end up fairly generic. Even the Green Gryphon Inn with all of it’s beautiful detail has been relegated to the generic representation in my games. With the full sized maps I can lay out for the players, the tavern will at least have more gravitas and impact and hopefully draw them into the scene a little more.

    I’d also like to see hex maps as an option. RM is hex-based and we do our best with the square grids, but hex maps would be nice.

    1. I have to put in a shameless, unsolicited plug for RPGNow, errr… now.

      I just downloaded Grosks’s Tavern and I downloaded the RM Bundle 2 (11-20). As I already had Cabin in the Woods, at the checkout screen, RPGNow noted in red letters “You already have parts of this download so the price has been adjusted accordingly.”

      That is amazing and I am just still stunned. I was ready to accept that I purchased Cabin in the Woods already, and as it was included in the bundle that I would be paying for it again. No big deal, we’re not talking $20-$30 duplicate purchase. To see RPGNow recognize that I already had one module from the bundle and to automatically reduce the price is fantastic.

      1. Yes, OneBookShelf bundles are great and they did an update a bit ago. One of the changes was, if a new product is added to an existing bundle that you’ve already purchased, you only have to pay the amount that the bundle price increases by to get it.

    2. I will ask the powers that be and see if he can draw hexes. I suspect that drawing six sides is requires Create Battle Map II, which is at least a 3rd level spell, so further experience points may be required to level up.

      1. Once I can get the pattern, it should be fairly easy, and I think I have found out how to do the pattern. The squares are just an overlay, so they can easily be replaced with hexes – once a hex pattern that tesselates (? right word?) is created.

        What size are RM hexes? The squares are 5′ per inch. Which I don’t think is mentioned anywhere!

        1. Could we be really clever and have a grid on one layer and hexes on a second and let the GM print the layers they want to use?

            1. Thanks egdcltd…. I just downloaded another 20 items from RPGNow and added 12 more to my wish list. My wife will be so happy to see these little charges popping up on PayPal! LOL

              1. Ah now the solution is for you to write up some of your adventures and sell them on RPGnow. If Mrs Spectre saw money coming in on your PayPal account she wouldn’t mind.

                Then of course game night becomes product research. Its a tough job but someone has to do it.

                1. I’m not sure she’s going to forgive me when the Pay Pal account shows a dozen +$0.75 incomes. LOL. That plan may backfire on me. “You spent how much time working on that to make $1.50???”

                  1. I am making about $100 a month so there is a fairly big net gain even when I do buy games and books. I am not going to retire on my earnings any time soon though.

                  2. My average income for the past year is now around $270 per month. Sure, the hours may not be justified, but the supplements do keep earning.

                  3. This actually sounds pretty cool. I have a few ideas that I could write out into a module. A few of them I’ve played out with the groups and I have a fun one I’m running the group through now. How can I get started in writing one?

                    1. So that depends on how professional you want to go.

                      The most basic option is a PDF only supplement where all you need to do is write it all in something like Word and then save it as a PDF when you are ready. You also need a publishers account so you can earn commission.

                      If you want to create printed works then you need a print quality page layout programme. Most people end up using inDesign. Anything above version CS2 can get pretty expensive. I currently have the full Creative Suite 4 and that cost me about $230 so it is more of a reinvestment than something to consider right from the start. There is a freebie page layout tool called Scribus that most people who want to go down the print route start with but it is not as easy to use as inDesign, in my opinion.

                      For your actual content there are really three parts.
                      1) your original plot idea
                      2) game stats, monster stats and NPCs
                      3) art
                      Most of the system neutral supplements, like our 50 in 50 adventure hooks provide parts 1 & 3 and skip part 2. This bypasses any legal problems over copyrights. There are many sources of free art that is free to use in commercial works. If you do a Google Image search you can set one of the search criteria to be the license. Wikipedia is a good source of images as is Pixabay.

                      I tend to price at about $0.10 per page and then round it off to the nearest sensible price so something that is about 8 pages would round up to $0.99. There is an option to price things as Free or Pay What You Want. Pay What You Want products get loads of downloads but earn very, very little. I am not a fan of free, if you don’t value your own work then why would anyone else?

                      I have found that silly or funny titles do not sell as well as more traditionally titled adventures so “Snakes on a Wagon Train” will not sell as well as “City of Spiders” as an example.

                    2. I don’t want to speak for Peter or Adrian, but once we get done our 50in50 the plan is too keep going and continue putting out material. So if you have something or want to integrate into our process talk to them. Basically we do the writing and Adrian does all the hard work and publishing. I’ve generated about $120 in 6mos.

                    3. I didn’t want to say that as it sounded a bit pushy but I think it is a damn fine idea. 🙂

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